Today, November 9 in History

For some reason I have become interested in what happened on this day in the past.  I look them up wonder what it was like when these things happened so many years ago. 

Then I start thinking about technology and how it could have made things better than and how it can make things worse now.  Do you ever wonder these things?  Or is it just me and my weird brain.

So, looking back…

On this date in:

1864- President Lincoln was reelected.  He did so much for our country.  But I have to ask IF he would have had televisions, computers, or satellites would he have won?  What would have been different? 

1793- The Louvre Museum opened in Paris France.  I am going to see it someday!!!

1990-  IRS seized Willie Nelson’s assets Go Willie!!!!  Still love you after all these years.

1965- The Great Northeast Blackout.  Big baby boom nine months later!!!  In this case I vote no technology.  Families were able to sit and talk, opened communication with others they normally may not have communicated with. 

Technology has taken some great things away from family life.  I remember watching tv together in the same room, playing board games like Monopoly, Scrabble,  Dominoes, card games, etc., and playing outside a lot more with neighborhood friends than kids do today.  Children today are deprived in that area.  Playing games on computers is not the same thing as sitting around and playing with actual people.  There was time for camaraderie and great learning skills were acquired.  With computer games, yes they still have to strategize, they learn better hand/eye coordination, but there is so much they miss out on where math is concerned.  Board games are a great building block for math skills.  Young parents today do their children an injustice if they do not encourage them.

 1989- East Germany opens the Berlin Wall.  Truly a memorable time in history.

1872- Great Boston Fire.  Only fourteen lives lost.  That is amazing with the amount of Boston that burnt down. 

A lot of interesting happenings in different wars: check it out Today in History

All for today, have a great one.  Let me know what you think of y thoughts.



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