Home Inspections


Getting ready to sell your home.  There are things you can do to help the home inspection go smoother.  It will also make the home look better when showing to prospective buyers.

  • Air Conditioner and heating – Change the filters, use vinegar and water to clean off dirt and mold from the outside of the housing, clean the return, bottom line – have it surviced.  Have the ducts taped or replaced if necessary.  When someone is buying a house this is one of the top selling points of a home.
  • Sinks – Clean out underneath sinks and fix any leaks.  If the faucets leak around the top, go ahead and replace it.
  • Wall sockets  – make sure each plug-in works.  Check the GFI’s in wet areas.
  • Water check for leaks and sediment around joints.  Clean the outside of the unit.


  • Have your realtor give you at least three different inspectors.
  • If the property has extras- such as detached garages, storage sheds, or work shop – ask for the extra cost of inspecting these
  • If property has more than one AC unit some inspectors charge extra, ask
  • If property has irrigation system, well water pump will the inspector inspect it.
  • Inspectors “might” can give generalized idea on the expected life of a roof, heating/air units.  But they will not be liable if the items do not last that long.  In truth, not something they should give out because no one really knows how long something will last.  Without knowing the history of maintenance…impossible.
  • Inspectors point out all the things that may need to be attended to.  If it is an older home, then yes there may be a lot there.  Some of the items are simple fixes and some are not.  When you read the report you need to ask yourself- “Is this something I am willing to deal with”,  ” is this something to be nick-picky over, and risk losing the deal”, or “is this something big that needs to be dealt with in order to buy”.
  • If it is a fore-closure or short-sale, then most of these are not even able to have things repaired or fixed and sold as-is.

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